At Surface Renewables our mission is to create healthy homes, inside and out. We implement systems to produce the perfect indoor climate whilst minimising our environmental impact with a low carbon footprint.

Our Values


is at the core of everything we do, from our product selection to our operational strategies. We inspire our customers to design the ideal system for their projects.


is paramount; we deliver on our promises.


is ingrained in our ethos, our products must have a low carbon footprint


drives us. Our team is dedicated to making a difference, not just selling products.

Where we Started

10 years ago Surface Heating was set up as a specialist in Radiant heating systems. Over the last decade, factors such as climate change, increasing costs of fossil fuel, government legislation shifts and significant technological advancements led us to develop the Comfort 360 smart solution.

We rebranded to Surface Renewables in 2024 to reflect our revised mission that gives a full 360 climate solution for the home by connecting heating, cooling and ventilation. We are passionate about educating installers, architects and home owners on how to integrate renewable systems into their homes and projects.

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