Duco have created an installation app to support installers so that they set up the system accurately, quickly and to ensure excellent performance. We recommend that all installers use this, as an extra 1 year warranty is provided when the installer correctly configures the DucoBox using the app.


Calibrate the DucoBox ventilation system quickly and easily
Read out and change parameters and generate an intervention report
Read out error messages
Generate a general ventilation report
Add photos of the installation
Download documentation
Carry out software updates

Requirements for use

In order to be able to use the Duco Installation App, a Duco Installation Kit is necessary. This kit establishes a link with the DucoBox via a local Point to Point Wi-Fi connection.

The app and Installation Kit work with the following DucoBox models: DucoBox Silent Connect, DucoBox Focus, DucoBox Energy Comfort (Plus) and the DucoBox Energy Premium.

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