Messana, an Italian manufacturer, introduces a cutting edge smart control that integrates the full radiant heating, cooling and ventilation system.

A bespoke control system that seamlessly connects, monitors and optimises the full radiant system creating the perfect indoor climate.  The Messana system measures temperature, Co2 levels and humidity. This state of the art controls system will calculate the dew point of a room, so that the radiant cooling system can be set at lower flow temperatures as low as 10°C, compared to  the standard 15°C. This provides cooler indoor temperatures.

A smart app, gives all the data and reports to the client as well as remote access for ongoing support of the system.

Control Boxes

The Control boxes efficiently regulate home energy flow by modulating energy sources such as heat pumps, chillers, and boilers, optimising comfort in multi-zone systems. It also controls buffer tank temperatures, uses smart proprietary technology to perform heating and cooling changeover based on actual conditions, activates circulator pumps, and regulates radiant fluid temperature through a 3-way mixing valve.

There are 2 models available, 5 zone and 8 zone depending on the size of property and level of control needed. All boxes connect via Modbus.

mSense Room Comfort Sensor

The mSensor measures Operative Temperature which essentially measures both air temperature and the radiant temperature to match exactly how humans detect the temperature of the room.

MSense also integrates an innovative air quality sensor that constantly monitors the total VOC (Volatile Organic compounds) and equivalent Co2 levels. This connects to the ventilation and air purification to improve air quality.

This discrete sensor can be plastered and painted to aid the design of the room

Mounting requires mSense Installation Kit.


Intelligent smart controls that can optimise the full radiant heating, cooling and ventilation system
 Messana Controls uses mSense room comfort sensors to monitor the dew point temperature, and then adjusts the radiant surface temperature to avoid condensation
1 app to control multiple products, making it simpler to understand and control the system
Remote access for monitoring and support
Give greater control to the client to create the right climate for their home
Stylish sensors that can be painted to support the aesthetic of the room

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