Salus provide a full smart home control system

Salus enable you to measure humidity and temperature of the home. You can seamlessly switch from heating to cooling mode of your heatpump by the touch of a button. This is a simple wireless system to both install, understand and programme. Remote log on is available for support.

Surface provide the Quantum Control for renewable systems. Paired with the wireless wiring centres, smart relays and the Salus gateway, we can provide the customer with a very effective heating and cooling control at a reasonable cost.

Salus have a range of smart home controls which the homeowner can add to the system such as Thermostatic Radiators valves, PIR sensors, smoke detectors and lighting control.


Control heating/ cooling and humidity through a simple app
Control all zones in the wiring centre, heat large spaces
Easy to install, can be done at any stage of the building process
Simple switch over the heat pump from heating to cooling mode
Inbuilt humidity sensor to help maintain air quality
Multi language and schedule support
Wired and wireless connectivity is available

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