This unit splits out the hydro unit from the main fan connected by refrigerant pipes, this is ideal for projects where there is a long distance between the pump and the home. This system can be connected to Smart Grid or SolarPower (PV). EHS split heat pumps can be installed with 3rd party domestic hot water tanks or combined with a Samsung pre-plumbed Climate Hub tank solution.

The EHS Split outdoor unit is connected to a wall-mounted Hydro Unit to combine with a third party Domestic Hot Water (DHW) tank to suit all requirements.  When used with the Hydro Unit, the Split enables production of domestic hot water and underfloor heating/cooling, and heating of radiators.


Lightweight, small scale build, perfect for homes and smaller buildings
Advanced compressor technology, delivers balanced performance with high reliability
One touch set up – connect multiple indoor units with one simple tough.
7-segment display- enables installers & users to install and monitor errors and system setting more conveniently
Applicable for £7,500 BUS scheme Voucher

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