Variotherm provide a high quality, simple to install and high output underfloor system. At 45°C flow temperature, this system can produce 136 W/m². View full outputs.

Floor heating provides an even distribution of heat, saves money and feels comfortable in the home.

This system is all in one, can be laid very quickly compared to other manufacturers with a 10 year guarantee.

Drywall Installation

Ideally used for refurbishing heating systems, this is very thin at just 20mm. With water-based floor heating, the aluminium multi-layer composite pipes (VarioProFile pipe) are laid over the entire floor area which ensure radiant heat is evenly emitted across the floor.

High heat output – lower flow temperature
Construction height just 20mm
Low weight (25 kg/m2)
Rapid construction progress – fast drying times: Ready for covering after just 24 hours
Ideal for renovations
Routing system throughout, allowing pipes to be laid flexibly
Rapid reaction times

All components of the system are perfectly matched:

  • The specially milled routings of the VarioComp board
  • The easy to bend VarioProFile pipe with an extremely stable form
  • The fast-drying VarioComp filling compound
  • The ideal height for the optional XPS or SILENT
  • underlay board

When tested against a screed flooring system, the Variocomp floor had faster heating times.The reaction time of the surface temperatures to reduced flow temperature is shorter.

This results in:

  • better control oftheVarioCompFloor heating. The surface temperature of the VarioComp floor heating is greater than the screed system.
  • More efficient layout of heating surfaces due to the lower flow temperatures than those used for other floor heating systems are possible.

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