Modular wall
heating/cooling system

Ideal for retrofitting with water-based wall heating, the surface of the entire wall is quickly and evenly heated up using a pipe system. During the summer, the same system can be used to cool the room to a pleasant temperature. This is very efficient as due to high surface area can run heating at 26-38 °C compared to radiators that run at 60. For cooling this can run at 15 – 23 °C rather than air conditioining which operates at 5. This can save up to 30% on energy costs

Variotherm provide a pipe integrated into a gypsum panel that can be installed on the wall, panels come in five sizes so can be fitted into many spaces


Simple, flexible mounting in drywall construction
10 panel formats for a range of different laying solutions
Complete system from a single source
Up to 30% energy savings compared to conventional system
Ideal for wood constructions, prefabricated houses, penthouse flats and environmentally sensitive refurbishment
Suitable for use in wet rooms, e.g. for bathroom refurbishment
Can be combined with renewable energy sources
Corrosion-free heating and cooling pipes (aluminium multi-layer composite pipes)
10-year guarantee

Ideal for:

  • timber-framed buildings, pre-fabricated houses, attics and renovation
  • totally flexible panel system: fulfils all building requirements
  • Gypsum fibreboards and components which have been tested for their healthy building properties
  • Fire protection assessment

Plastered wall

Ideal for renovation

Water bearing pipes hidden in the wall keep the room at the perfect temperature, running warm water in winter and cool water in the summer. From bricks, porous concrete and concrete walls to clay plaster, the VarioBars for pipes are simply affixed to the wall. The plastered wall heating/cooling is hidden in the wall and perfectly tempers the room, even in the coldest winter months.


Invisibly installed in the wall saving space
Free of draughts
Low energy costs & silent
Installing sockets and light fittings no problem
All controlled via smart technology
Complete systems rather than individual components
You can hang pictures, using a tool to show you where the pipes are to prevent any damage

Product Details

Easy Flex has a  very slim structure (17 mm) and has 77 and 115 mm pipe spacings. It is particularly simple to install and can be easily adapted to round and curved shapes.  Variobars are simply affixed to the wall, the heating pipes then latch quickly and easily to the VarioBars. Variotherm EcoHeating Plaster is used as the first plaster layer and encloses the vario pipes


  • VarioBars are simply affixed to the wall
  • Suitable for walls made of brick, aerated concrete blocks or solid concrete
  • Highly flexible pipes that latch quickly and easily to the bars
  • Any type of plaster can be applied
  • ecoLogical Variotherm EcoHeatingPlaster has high thermal conductivity andvapur permeability

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