Air quality in our UK cities often fall below acceptable levels with huge impact on the health of the nation. This combined with living in high populated areas creating high noise pollution can lead to a deterioration in home air quality levels. This can cause illness, reduce wellbeing and overall productivity of people in their homes.

Modern building regulations have led to highly insulated air tight buildings which can cause mould, condensation and damp. Its vital that fresh air can be brought into a building to prevent these issues from starting.

MVHR has sensors continuously monitoring air quality and humidity levels. If the air quality falls below  preset point, the unit will bring in fresh filtered air

UK building regulations set guidelines for maximum sound levels, recommending levels of 30dB for sound sensitive rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms and 45dB for other room such as kitchens and bathrooms.

In order to meet these levels it is essential that good MVHR designs are in place and the right units/ducting runs are specified. Full testing and commissioning by reputable and skilled installers will ensure that the system runs below the recommendations and good air quality can be maintained.

At Surface Renewables we partner with provide design and support to our installers to help them through this process. We can even commission the systems if needed. We partner with Duco who have developed the quietest MVHR system in Europe, and also have their own installation app to ensure that the system is fitted properly. By using the app to install this also gives the system and additional 1 years guarantee so we always recommend that installers use this free resource.