We have a team of in-house Mechanical Designers who will take your project specifications and drawings to create the right design for your renewable heating, cooling and ventilation system.

We also offer a service to create the heat loss calculations for the project to ensure you are within MCS guidelines, you size your products correctly and you get the right outputs as per the specifications.

Our Design Service Includes:

  • Estimation of project
  • Pipe drawings for the radiant installation 
  • Detailed Bill of materials for the project 
  • Heat loss calculations

What are heat loss calculations and why is it so important?

Heat loss calculations play a critical role in the design, operation and maintenance of energy efficient buildings and systems to help optimise comfort, reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.

The calculation determines the amount of heat energy that escapes from a building or system to its surrounding. This will determine the sizing and power needs of your system and also ensures that the right products are fitted for the building type. You cannot ignore the importance of insulation, window glazing and fabric of the walls when selecting the right heat source for a home.

The heat pump and emitters need to ensure that enough KW output is in place to be comfortable based on the heat loss of the building. A correctly sized heat pump and radiant system will ensure cost less to run, keep customers warm and will give great value for money.

Surface Renewables Support

It’s essential that installers understand and are supported to upskill in renewable technologies. This is a fast growing industry with limited support or guidance. At Surface we have a team of engineers who have been installing Renewable solutions for over a decade. We are on hand to support you when you need us most, that’s what sets us apart from most distributors.

We understand that every installer is at a different stage in their journey, which is why we offer a range of support options tailored to your specific needs.

Support Hub

Access a wealth of resource, including guides and videos

Online Support

Phone / video support for any queries with the installation

In person Support

Our engineers will come to you to work alongside you on the installation

Training and Development

We provide access to regular product training working with our manufacturers to ensure you have access to online/ in person training as required

Manufactures Guides

Speak to us about the right system for your project