With summers in the UK getting hotter, people are searching for a way to cool their home without causing more pollution. The environment is a key factor in making choices for the home, now that the impact of global warming is becoming more and more apparent.

Air conditioning offers a benefit to customers by quickly reducing temperatures in a room however there are huge downsides to this system. Air conditioning uses cold forced air to cool a room down and is reliant on ducting that can spread germs. The room can feel drafty and unhealthy, people can often wake up in the night needing extra blankets to sleep. These systems can be really inefficient as you are driving temperatures much lower than that needed to create the perfect sleep environment, around 16 – 18°C.

An alternative is radiant cooling, an invisible and silent system that works by absorbing heat through the surfaces of a room. Pipes containing water are run through ceilings, or walls and absorb heat from the room. This then cools the ambient temperatures through thermal transfer. The result is a very natural cool feeling like stepping into a church or a cave.

Using a heat pump in cooling mode with the radiant system allows you to cool very efficiently and reduce the carbon footprint of a home.

Another benefit is the same system can be used to heat and cool in one with no need for ugly radiators or air conditioning units. It really is a better, greener solution for a home.