With the latest incentives, and additional taxes on boilers, it’s never been more important to upskill into Renewables. Customers are now prioritising sustainability and environmental impact when starting their renovations building projects.

The transition does present several challenges including:

  1. Technical Knowledge and Training: One of the key challenges for HVAC installers is acquiring the required technical knowledge and skills. Heat pumps, mechanical ventilation and radiant systems require specialist skills in design, installation and maintenance.
  2. Regulation Compliance and Certification: Navigating the complex landscape of regulatory framework can be daunting especially those used to traditional HVAC practices. Obtaining relevant certifications such as MCS is essential for installers to operate legally and uphold standards
  3. Customer Education and Awareness: Many customers may be unfamiliar with renewable technologies or sceptical about the efficacy and cost effectiveness. Understanding the benefits, long term pay back and government incentives is essential for installers to help their customers understand and select the right system for their home.
  4. Supply Chain and Market Accessibility: establishing partners
  5. Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Installers have very little formal support or incentives to train so we have made it our mission at Surface Renewables to share our knowledge. We have selected partners with excellent training facilities, online modules and support documentation so that installers can become accredited in their chosen technology and install safely with confidence. In addition, once onsite, things can be different to the classroom so we provide engineering support to our installers to guide them through any issues they may face. With regular in person events, and lots of information online installers can get the most out of the time they can spend to get it right.