Surface Renewables specialise in Air Source Heat Pumps, which provide efficient and renewable heating, cooling and hot water for the home. Surface sell full kits of Heat Pump, pre plumbed cylinders as well as fixtures and fitting.

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Heat Pumps  generate heat from the air to provide heating and hot water for the home. It can also work in a reverse  mode to extract heat from inside and cool the home in the summer. According to a report by the Carbon Trust, heat pumps are a highly efficient form of electric heating that have the potential to deliver CO2 savings of 60-70% compared to conventional electric heating and 55-65% compared to an A-rated gas boiler3.

To get the most efficient outputs, pair with radiant heating and cooling (link to landing page). Using the surfaces in your home, allows you to further increase the area that can be heated or cooled meaning you can run at much more efficient temperatures.

Energy Efficient heating and cooling for the home
Reduction in carbon footprint of the home
Boiler Upgrade Scheme available of £7,500 
Complements radiant heating & cooling system
Simple switch over the heat pump from heating to cooling mode 

Specialists in Samsung heat pumps

We specialise in Samsung heat pumps and have over 10 years experience designing, maintaining and supporting their systems

We supply Heat Pumps kits so the installer has all parts & fittings to install, including:

  • Heat Pump
  • Cylinder
  • Full fixtures and fittings

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Heat pumps, cylinder, full fixtures and fittings

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