Surface Renewables specialise in renewable radiant systems that offer both heating and cooling in a single solution. Our expertly designed systems are crafted to help you achieve an ideal indoor climate while significantly reducing the home’s carbon footprint.

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What is Radiant Heating & Cooling?

Radiant heating & cooling provides homes with very efficient renewable heating and cooling through floor, walls and ceilings. By using all the surfaces in a home you can achieve the perfect climate and run your energy efficiently without any visible heating or cooling units.

Heatpumps pair perfectly with this system as they run at lower temperatures for heating and higher temperatures for cooling than conventional systems. Using larger surface areas across floors, walls or ceilings  for the heating and cooling enables greater efficiency of the whole system.

Compatible with Heat Pumps

Pairs well with heatpumps as runs low temperature heating and higher temperature cooling than standard systems

Improved Aesthetics

Radiant systems don’t use ugly radiators or air con units impacting the home design.


We are able to offer products for both retro fits and renovation.

Improved Comfort

Provides a comfortable climate rather than very high or low temperatures

Fully Renewable

Radiant systems are fully renewable, reducing the homeowner carbon footprint.

Smart Controls

Built to work with a wide range of smart control systems, allowing you to manage your heating from anywhere.

How does Radiant
Heating work?

Radiant heating operates by circulating warm water through panels placed on various surfaces in the room – be it the floor, wall, or ceiling. This generates radiant heat that gently transfers to cooler surfaces, effectively warming objects and individuals in the room. The result is a uniformly distributed and comfortably warm climate throughout the space. This feels comfortable and natural like the radiant heat from the sun. In contrast, alternatives like radiators rely on convection, warming the air and leading to uneven temperature zones with hot and cold spots within a room.

How does Radiant
Cooling Work?

Radiant cooling functions by circulating cold water through a network of panels placed on any surfaces within your room, including the floor, wall, and ceiling. The cold water efficiently absorbs heat from surfaces and objects in the room, establishing a naturally cool and comfortable climate. A relatable example is the refreshing sensation experienced when entering a church or cave, it operates silently and creates a comfortable cool space that fosters healthier indoor air quality.

Whats the difference between Air Conditioning and Radiant Cooling?

Choose the healthy alternative to air conditioning with a renewable and natural system hidden beneath the surfaces of a room. Traditional air conditioning is characterised by inefficiency, its unhygienic and often generates noticeable noise. While it rapidly lowers temperatures, it tends to create a draughty environment due to its quick cooling process.

Additionally, the ducting system it employs can spread germs in shared areas. On the other hand, radiant cooling operates silently, absorbing heat naturally from the room without causing drafts. It can be seamlessly integrated with an MVHR system, equipped with built-in filters to enhance air quality. Run by a heat pump, radiant cooling proves highly efficient cooling, contributing significantly to the reduction of a home’s carbon emissions.

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