We specialise in smart controls that connect the renewable system together so that the client has full control on the indoor climate across  air quality, temperature, humidity levels. 

These clever controls can also self optimise and react to changing conditions so there is no manual adjustments needed seamlessly switching between heating and cooling.

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Key benefits of smart controls

All in one system

Integrates renewable products into 1 app giving a simple user interface

Improved monitoring

Continuously monitors temperature, humidity and air quality and adjusts the system to ensure perfect climate maintained

Lower temperature

Ability to lower temperatures providing excellent cooling outputs, with radiant controls.

Remote assistance

Allows installers to remote access the system to provide support

Improved control

Gives client control of their system

Smart Controls

Built to work with a wide range of smart control systems, allowing you to manage your heating from anywhere.

How do Smart Controls Work?

The smart control will be set up in zones according to your design, and level of control needed. Thermostats and sensors will be installed to measure temperature, humidity and air quality.

If a fully integrated renewable solution is being put in place, through a modbus connection the Messana system will connect heatpumps, ventilation systems and the radiant system. This will continuously monitor and optimise the full solution seamlessley to give the optimum climate conditions.
An alternative is the Salus control system which will use a set of thermostats to measure temperature and humidity, to give you all the information you need to set up and adjust the system as needed.

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High Performance controls for complex radiant cooling and heating systems

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Control temperature and humidity in a simple app

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